Brainstorming New and Unique Client Holiday Gifts


Looking for Unique Client Holiday Gifts?

Every year it’s the same challenge; trying to find unique client holiday gifts that people will love…and every year it gets harder and harder. Before challenging your right brain’s creativity, try engaging the left brain with poignant questions.  A methodical approach can put you on the right track and get your wheels turning.

Here Are Several Tips To Make Your Search Easier:

Create a small group even if it’s just one friend or colleague. Brainstorming is fueled by interaction.

  • Take a survey of the best gifts people have received.
    • Evaluate why it was their favorite?
    • Now analyze the characteristics of each gift and why it was the “best”.
    • Determine the qualities that made the gifts notable.
  • Establish what you want from your gift:
    • Should it be useful, practical, elegant, appreciated, impressive?
    • What characteristics should it possess?
  • Create a list of ideas that meet your criteria.

Make sure the your corporate holiday gift ideas best represent your company, brand or service.

An advertising agency might consider themselves edgy and forward thinking while a tech firm may describe themselves as innovative and inventive.  Whereas a law firm may feel that they are established, knowledgeable and respectable.

  • For the ad agency, I might recommend something that is fun, creative, playful, edgy and new to the market.
  • The tech firm may be innovative but if their “customer” is someone in the accounting department, something practical and useful might be most appreciated.  On the other hand if the recipient is a team of customer service reps or sales reps, they might appreciate a tech gift that offers value.
  • Most law firms are extremely professional and may prefer a gift that is classic, traditional or elegant such as a set of steak knives, laser engraved cutting board, embossed leather padfolio or nicely appointed gift basket.

Put yourself in the place of the recipient

  • Who are they?
  • What is their lifestyle?
  • What will they truly appreciate?

Create a list of those items that best suit your recipients

  • All gifts may not be appreciated by everyone. For example, a construction worker might really appreciate a holiday ham.  However, the president of a bank knows his wife will probably have the holiday meal catered and more than likely would give the ham to his secretary. He/She might prefer a nice crystal desktop candy jar or notepad holder instead.

Give thought to various elements that would make the gift stand out

  • Presentation plays a big role in a first impression and that includes packaging. If the gift’s original packaging isn’t up to par, don’t hesitate to repackage it. For example, a $5 dollar pen in a $3 gift box has a higher perceived value than an $8 pen in a plastic sleeve.




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