3 Creative Strategies for Unique Client Holiday Gift Presentation.

It’s the extra step that makes the biggest difference.

I’m a big believer in first impressions and when it comes to client holiday gifts, nice packaging plays a key role in the overall perception of the gift. Even a low costing item can be perceived as elegant  with  quality packaging.  Below are a few ideas to make your holiday gifts standout and impression your clients with a little creativity.


charger proofBefore you order your gifts, it’s important to know how the product is packaged. Many items are packaged with inexpensive gift box material decreasing  the initial perceived value regardless of the quality of the item. If you find the packaging isn’t up to par, look at upgrading the packaging with the vendor or purchasing a better gift box from another source. Pens are a great example. There are many quality pens at $5 when presented in an upgraded pen case look more elegant and more expensive.

Last year we replaced a standard white tuck box and  created a beautiful imprinted magnetic snap closure high gloss gift box for this 4 port USB charger.



cashmere sleigh 005Think about non-traditional items for  packaing options. A creative approach makes for a truly creative presentation. These cashmere throws look awesome on vintage wooden sleighs. Other ideas include using holiday stockings, non-traditional shaped containers like mailing tubes, metallic bubble mailers, gift sacks, burlap bag, or tin containers.




Hotels recognize  the little attention to detail make an  indelible impression with their clients, like chocolates on the pillow, flowers with room service or even the folded start of the toilet paper roll. You can make your gift standout by adding subtle elements to client holdiay gifts. Here are a few of my favorite:custom tag

  • Red ribbon or bow
  • Custom tissue paper with your logo
  • Custom gift tag
  • A little Bobble such as a piece of mistletoe, candy   cane or shiny ornament
  • Oversized postcard with holiday greeting
  • Gold embossed sticker with your logo
  • A smaller gift item integrated into packaging/presentation of the gift


It really is the thought that counts. So once you have your gift picked out, take it to the next level by asking yourself  “How can I enhance the overall presentation?”.



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